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5-Axis Head for Waterjet Cutting Systems

5-Axis Head

The Semyx 5-axis head took the tilting head a step beyond and cuts beveled and 3D parts with a 60 degree angle. The Semyx 5-axis head gives you the ability to cut parts even faster with more accuracy than ever.

Tilting Head

The Semyx tilting head allows the cutting head to cut at different angles. This eliminates the tapered cutting on higher quality cutting. The easy to use Semyx tilting head positions the tilting point at the material. Programmable tilt up to ±12° maximum tilt angle with the capability to change angles rapidly for increased cutting speed.

Drill Attachment

The Semyx pneumatic drill head is perfect for pre-drilling materials prone to delamination. It quickly and accurately pierces small holes in thick materials prior to abrasive waterjet cutting. It is easily mounted and adjustable, requiring no external power source. No need for customized registration templates or painfully tedious hand drilling. For reliability and speed, the Semyx pneumatic dri

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Multiple Gantries and Customized Solutions

Multiple Gantries and Customized Solutions

The INFINITY series allows you to add multiple gantries and dual Z-axis to multiply production (optional). The X-axis, which uses the rack and pinion mechanism, allows for extended and customized lengths and a width of 10ft or 13ft. The INFINITY series is great for mass production and cutting of large material.

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