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Metal Cutting Machine

Waterjet cutting is the most versatile and efficient process on the market. When using abrasive in waterjets, it creates a clean cut that does not require a secondary finishing. Therefore, abrasive waterjets are ideal for metal cutting on products such as aluminum, steel cutting, stainless steel, tool steel, titanium, brass, copper, inconel, alloys, and any other exotic material.

Abrasive waterjets can cut material up to 8" thick and do not leave a heat affect zone. Abrasive waterjets also cut intricate parts quickly with high precision, keeping a tolerance ranging from 0.003 to 0.005.Abrasive waterjets are also commonly used for stone cutting and glass cutting because of the intricate shapes they can create.


Advantages of Waterjets

Waterjets cut the same parts as EDM much faster and cheaper. Holding a tolerance + or – of .003. When comparing waterjets to EDM the advantage to a waterjet are they are faster than EDM, waterjets are more versatile and can cut materials that EDM c

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Waterjets Used in the Aerospace Industry | Semyx, LLC

Aerospace Industry

Marble Mosaic Floor Cut with Waterjets

The Aerospace Industry uses abrasive waterjet cutting for several steel cutting solutions such as brass, inconel, aluminum, and other exotic metals. This waterjet application is used in the aerospace industry for cutting composites, wing sections, turbine blades, brake components, landing gear, and many other parts up to 8” thick.

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