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Echo Spot Set Up

Amazon Echo Spot Features, Price and Support

Once again the time for new Amazon Echo device. This time Amazon Echo device coming with smart speaker plus video calling features known as Echo Spot

Like other devices, Amazon Echo spot is hands-free, voice recognizer device connected with Alexa and we can set up with the smart home device.

Amazon Echo Spot Features:

2.5-inch display

1.4-inch built-in speaker

4.1" x 3.8" x 3.6", 14.8 (size)

More than 10k Alexa skills

Excellent new skills e.g on/off light bulbs, Control cameras, question/answers Gk, control smart home devices of like Philips Hue and others.

Order for Pizza, Book uber and more fun with Echo Spot. Only need to give the order to your Alexa on your phone.

Amazon Echo Spot Price: 130 Dollars

Release Date:  Near Christmas December 19, 2017

One of the unique gifts for your partner, lover or your family member on this Christmas and New Year.

Amazon Echo Spot Support:

Amazon Echo Spot Support Phone Number 1-888-890-8148



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