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Online Medical Card

Best Online Medical Card California

Get Access to Online Medical Card California dispensaries in minutes without leaving your home. Get your compassionate use medical card online today. A+ rating with BBB

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6 Ingenious Ways to Incorporate Medical Cannabis into Your Life

6 Ingenious Ways to Incorporate Medical Cannabis into Your Life

Bored of normal ways to consume cannabis?

Do you crave more creative ways to ingest your favorite medicinal plant. Here are a few ways for you to jump onto the bandwagon and start experimenting with this versatile little plant.

1. Explore the canna-cuisine

2. Drink raw Cannabis

3. Try a Dab rig

4. Hop on to the topical trend/train

5. Give Suppositories a chance

6. Be a part of the Glass blunt revolution

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How Cannabis Can Help Breast Cancer Patients

Medical cannabis is used to cope with a wide range of debilitating illnesses. Find out how it can help breast cancer patients.

Treating Breast Cancer with Medical Cannabis

Here are some facts about medical marijuana and its use on cancer:

Cannabinoids can help with the side effects of chemotherapy

Cannabis helps in treating symptoms of cancer or the side effects of chemotherapy. In fact, some patients use the herb to manage pain, nausea and vomiting, anxiety, and loss of appetite. There are different types of breast cancer and you must understand which form you have to consider medical marijuana treatment. Her2 positive cancers are most aided by the use of cannabis, followed by PR positive and triple negative cancers.

Medical marijuana is legal in California Cannabis use is allowed for California residents with a valid medical recommendation. You can find medical cannabis in several forms – from smoked joints to vape pens and edibles. It is also available in sublingual sprays, tra

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Petition to Medical Board of California

Californians have enjoyed the benefits of telemedicine (connecting patients with doctors over live video) for almost four years now. Onlinemedicalcard.com has alone opened the doors to medical cannabis for more than 30,000 patients across the state annually.

The Medical Board is now proposing to take all that away and make physical exams mandatory for cannabis consultations; thus denying Californians their right to access of care and stepping backwards in time.

Why should telemedicine for Cannabis patients be restricted? It shouldn’t.

We firmly believe the proposed changes are wrong for medical cannabis patients, and we need you to make your voice heard now to stop this needless change in the rules. It will take just a few minutes of your time.


Help us convince the Medical Board to keep the requirements for physical examination OUT of their new proposed regulations by sending this letter to the Board.


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