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How breast lift is affected in pregnancy

posted by ninaholm 2 months ago
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Most women have this question in mind when going for a lift procedure of breasts, will it be a problem if they plan for motherhood in future. Well, it’s always better to get a proper recommendation from an expert. It is also not bad of you get an advice. Pregnancy usually holds the chances to affect this particular cosmetic procedure. So, the timings of your breast lift procedure is of high importance. Pregnancy has high affected overall on your physical appearance. While the other body areas begin to change, the breast area also begins to change its physiology. Mostly, the breast sagging can happen, in which the muscles get loose, and the skin loses its laxity. Pregnancy causes the skin to stretch temporarily that also seems like an increase in breast size. That is why, these candidates are required to undergo breast lift Dubai before getting pregnant.

This is because the subsequent pregnancies can more likely change the shape if breast even after the surgery. So, wait a while until you are not having children anymore. Because it can save you from multiple touch up surgeries.


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