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DuraSteel is blast and passive fire protection systems

posted by durasystems 5 days ago
tags: DuraSteel

DuraSteel is blast and passive fire protection systems which is easy to install and requires minimum maintenance.

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DuraWall fire rated thermal panels for walls

DuraSystems provides high resistant fire rated panel and durawall panels which is noncombustible materials which protect from fire or explosion. Dura Systems thermal panels for walls.

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Challenges Faced When Using Traditional Transformer Fire Protection Technologies

posted by durasystems 8 days ago
tags: transformer fire protection

When a transformer fire breaks out, it spreads quickly. Because this is an aggressive fire, getting it under control becomes a monumental task once the flames take over. Therefore, you need to implement new transformer fire protection systems that work from a passive standpoint.

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Ballistic Barrier: Different Types and Why You Should Know Them

posted by durasystems 10 days ago
tags: ballistic barrier

When it comes to choosing a ballistic barrier, there are several different types to consider. Even if you have an expert handle the installation, you should have some basic knowledge of what these barrier types are and how they perform.

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Blast Wall: Providing Ultimate Fire Protection to Your Property

posted by durasystems 11 days ago
tags: blast wall Passive Fire Protection

Just as the name implies, a blast wall is a type of fire and blast protection wall designed to protect vulnerable buildings and structures. If a nearby explosion occurs, not only is the physical structure protected, but most importantly, so are the humans inside.

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Reliable Acoustic and Blast Enclosure

posted by durasystems 26 days ago
tags: acoustic enclosure blast enclosure

Looking for Fire, blast and acoustic Protection Enclosures Equipment for buildings and industries in dangerous situations, get best fire protection equipment at Dura Systems. Contact for acoustic enclosure.

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