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DTG Printer Manufacturers and Suppliers

Iehk is a worldwide dealer of custom manufactured commercial T-shirt printer, UV printers, CNC routers and Laser cutter machines, Direct to garment printer. Here we provide Dtg printer machine with best quality and best prices. 

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Direct To Garment Printer

Digitally printed graphics feel much softer on garments than any other method. When properly cured and cared for, the impression will last as long as the life of the shirt because the ink permanently adheres to the fabric.IEHK direct to garment printers are known for their vibrant print quality, and because you can print millions of colors in one pass, your graphics can be incredibly intricate and detailed. Gradients, text and photographs are all possibilities at your fingertips with digital garment printing.

Direct to garment printer

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IEHK.COM - DTG Printer, Laser cutter, Laser Engraver, CNC Router

posted by heelydavid 4 months ago
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IEHK is an online retailer of industry-leading commercial printing machines and T-shirt Printer, uv printer,Laser engraver ,Laser cutter, cnc router. Our printing machines are manufactured by the same manufacturers

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