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South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: Tips for taking care of your dog when going to the park

You can feel at peace knowing that you have a pet companion beside you to spend quality time together especially if you’re living alone. Both of you surely enjoy any activity as long as you’re together, be it watching TV, eating your favorite foods or playing inside your home. However, you also need to take your pet outside every now and then for some change in surroundings.


The group of South Bellmore Veterinary Group is certain that you will surely enjoy your time together in a park in your neighborhood. Experience that good weather, fresh air, green grass, and trees, along with the beautiful flowers at the park. Don’t miss the chance to give a good experience to your pet, so let them play, exercise or even socialize with other animals and people. With those kinds of activities, your dog will surely exhibit physical and mental developments.


But bringing your pet to the park includes good supervision on your side as its owner as well. Indeed, you are in such a place to spend t

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South Bellmore Veterinary Group: Basic steps on how to find the right veterinarian for your pets

Wanting to give their animals the best is only natural for pet owners and as one of them, choosing the right vet for your loved animals should involve a careful process. Never select one with just a random thought because the vet might not suit your pet’s needs at all. You need to invest time and patience in looking for the right vet to entrust the wellbeing of your pets. View this process as similar to finding a good family doctor for you and your family members.


South Bellmore Veterinary Group prepared some basic steps to help you in looking for a good vet for your pets. The group provides quality pet care in Long Island and has been trusted by many pet owners for quite some time now.


South Bellmore Veterinary Group still needs you to do a research online in choosing a good vet for your pets. Be unbiased when reading both the negative and positive reviews from different people about a certain vet group. It would still be better to see things with your own eyes and learn how t

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South Bellmore Veterinary Group Review: Steps on maintaining the best health for your pets

As a pet owner, you have the responsibility to make sure of the healthy condition and longevity of your beloved animals at all times. Give them wholesome nutrition, and don’t forget to avoid unnecessary exposure to some kind of vaccines, heartworm, and flea and tick preventives. Fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides should also be avoided in ensuring the best health for your animals.


South Bellmore Veterinary Group is known in Long Island in serving a trustworthy care and service to pets, and with their extensive capabilities, a lot of pet owners have only been going to the group to take care of the concerns of their pets. With the help of a few experts, the group prepared this post to help you in keeping the best health condition of your animals.


Ensure a fresh diet for your pets. Choose to feed them a variety of whole, fresh and nutritionally dense foods. One of the best diets according to most experts include properly prepared and balanced raw food diets, so make sure to i

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South Bellmore Veterinary Group New York, Tokyo Opening: Pet bekymre Øre behandling

Øre behandling


Rensning din pets ører er en avgjørende skritt når det gjelder forhindrer øre infeksjon.


Generell rengjøring


Dette diagrammet illustrerer grunnleggende anatomisk landemerker av canine øre kanalen. For generell rengjøring for å bli gjort hjemme de stedene av interesse er øreklaff, vertikale øre kanalen, og den horisontale øre kanalen.


Den vertikale kanalen er den lengste delen av det eksterne øret. Så lenge rengjøring utføres rett ned den vertikale øre kanalen, den horisontale kanalen og øret trommelen vil bli unngått, og dermed hindre skade på tromme trommelen.


Trinn 1.

Øret klaff er forsiktig trukket opp og åpningen til den vertikale øre kanalen er visualisert.


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