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Your Travel Checklist For A Trip To A Rainy Destination!

vacation used to be a luxury. Today, it is an absolute necessity.  We forget to live a little for ourselves in all our daily hustle. Several trips we plan for become a no-show, thanks to those high hopes or that overblown preparation. There’s never the perfect time to travel. That dream vacation will never happen if the weather is what’s worrying you. All it takes is the mood for a holiday, a mindset for recreation and a get-go attitude.

Trips require a travel-friendly packing.

A well thought about the backpack is a definite necessity. It’s even crucial to carry just the right amount baggage. Missing out on the essentials for that rainy destination is the worst kind of disaster. If you thought the sunshine was enough to bring out your happiness, you probably never danced in the rain. Here’s a compilation of items that will serve you a great deal to travel towards a monsoon hit location...   Read More

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Tempo Travellers in Coimbatore

posted by proximove 11 months ago
tags: tours and travels in coimbatore vacation

Proximove own the pride as India’s first touristic vehicle aggregation platform designed to make the Group travel hassle free, Fun and memory loaded.

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