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Visit Da Xanh Lake

posted by vietnam 3 months ago
tags: vietnam veranda phu quoc

Known as the latest "virtual" photography destination in Vung Tau, Da Xanh Lake in Tan Thanh District, located near the Dinh mountain slope. The sky is sky high, the white clouds hovering in the form of strange shapes, green mountains mysterious message full of mystery, blue lake reflecting mountains with immense sky, sometimes rolling ripples Wind by the wind blowing through the fruit is beautifully described. Green Lake impresses visitors with a large green lake, nestled by a high cliff. Come here, you will be spoiled for taking pictures with the lake or green shape with the wooden bridge, the swing or the leaves, the huts near the simple ...At La Veranda Resort Phu Quoc has a romantic wooden bridge near the middle of the lake is the angle is very popular with young people, not only the scene of the simple wooden swings between the two trees lurched near the lake. Many of you go to try. If possible, try to feel lost in the lambs, greasy lambs, grazing greens, you can have fun and do

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